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Star Engineering Chemical Applicators Pvt. Ltd is a team of professionals specializing in helping you with all your waterproofing needs, For 16 years we have serviced all acroos India with pride..

Star Engineering Chemical Applicators

Star Engineering Chemical Applicators pvt. ltd. Started in 2004 with a vision  to provide our customers technically advance and unique waterproofing and construction repairs solutions. We served construction and real estate industry with utmost satisfaction to our customers. Added many renowned names to the list of our satisfied customers from business houses, Manufacturing industries, construction companies, PSU and different government departments.

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We aim to surpass full potentials on every project, every time. Our main slogan is client satisfaction is our satisfaction


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Star Engineering Chemical Applicators Pvt. Ltd. provide quality services to our customer and enhance, upgrade the level of waterproofing service industry with advance technologies. To train and provide skilled and educated manpower to our country waterproofing industries. To Create a larger than life BRAND in service sector by providing unsurpassed services to our customers with commitment of excellence in every aspect.

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SECA INDIA uses thermographic devices, Infrared Technologies, and the latest equipment to provide high-end quality waterproofing services all across Delhi NCR.  We know the importance of Our Earth. So SECA INDIA care and adhere to Sustainable Goals to keep our Planet Green and humans Healthy. 

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We served the construction and real estate industry with the utmost satisfaction to our customers. Added many renowned names to the list of our customers from business houses, manufacturing industries, construction companies, PSU and different government departments. Companies like TATA, Imperial hotel, DLF, RBI, The Lalit, The Crown Plaza and many more prestigious clients..

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    It is mandatory to waterproof your terrace surface before taking up terrace gardening. Plants’ roots may damage waterproofing coatings and
    hence a thick layer of cement concrete with polymer mix cement concrete should be layered.

    Polymer based waterproofing chemicals are ideal solutions for planter waterproofing and Terrace Garden waterproofing.
    Polymer based ready to use waterproofing chemicals or cementitious. Acrylic polymer coatings can also be applied on the surface that makes a seamless membrane which looks like a thick coat of paint and resembles as a rubber sheet.

    The following waterproofing methods are commonly used in construction:
    1. Cementitious Waterproofing
    2. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
    3. Bituminous Membrane
    4. Bituminous Coating
    5. Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

    Wet roof surfaces also run the risk of vegetation and other biological
    growth, like mold, that can cause significant damage. You can help
    postpone wear and tear by waterproofing your roof, which will restore its
    surface. Waterproofing seals cracks, will stop leaks, protect smooth
    surfaces, and keep the roof structurally strong.

    No we cannot make waterproof with only using cement. We need to
    add sand, cement and some more other waterproofing compound .

    Waterproof concrete (also called integral concrete) is generally best for
    water retaining structures. impermeable concrete used for long-lasting,
    durable watertight construction. To improve the impermeability of the

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